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Senior Living

Our solutions for Senior Living are aimed at providing

Safety & Security to senior occupants and enabling their

comfort and convenience

For the Management of the facility, we offer centralized monitoring of living and common spaces and an BMS for

control of the entire facility.

senior living automation for old age people in India

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buildtrack gas sensor save your home from gas leakage

Wireless or wired Wall mounted call buttons and Pull cords in bathrooms, all of which can be centrally monitored for response and include acknowledgement feature that indicates response completion


buildtrack smart home apps can control lights, fans, curtains and door lock

Occupants can control all basic

items in their space- lights, fans,

curtains and even door lock from a single remote.


buildtrack offers facility management system to elder

The BMS system enables control of all electrical assets centrally including – lighting, motors, pumps, DG sets and more. It allows central monitoring of safety and security

sensors across the property and

perimeter. It also provides single point access for all surveillance


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