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BuildTrack’s Hospital Solutions are designed to enhance

the patients stay experience and improve the

operational effectiveness for the hospital staff while significantly lowering the energy consumption of the hospital.

BuildTrack solutions include Wired and Wireless Smart Automation for Patient Rooms, Nurse Call Systems with Kiosks and Smart Apps, BMS for centralized facility control and

wireless energy efficiency sensors to lower electric bills.

Nurse Call Systems

looking for led lighting control for hospitals and healthcare projects. it reduce energy consumption by up to 50%

Patient Room

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Patient Room Automation

Smart App (or Remote) that allows patients to control all aspects of the patient room, which includes lighting, AC, Curtain/Blinds, TV/DTH and integrated nurse call abilities.

Deployment available in both wired and wireless formats.

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Buildtrack installed wifi nurse call system in bangalore hospital

Our centralized Nurse Station Kiosks, and Smart Apps enable

monitoring of patient call buttons.

Wireless and wired call buttons along with pull cords provide multiple deployment options.

Data analytics of call response times provided by the system helps in planning.


Building Automation Might Benefit Your Hospital

Wireless Motion Sensor Control of Lighting & AC’s

Our Wireless Motion Sensors and

Switch Nodes can be used to ensure

that lights, fans, exhaust fans or any energy devices are turned ON/OFF

based on motion sensed in aisles, waiting areas, doctor offices and examination rooms. Our wireless daylight sensors further improve energy efficiency if daylight is


Building Management Systems for Hospitals