Smart Agriculture Motor Panel

Safe. Sturdy. Reliable.

Compatible with all agricultural motors.

KIOT’s Smart Agriculture motor panel will intelligently keep track of your motor’s complete performance. Be it safe operation, power measurement, or automating motor operation, the smart motor panel has got it covered. KIOT’s Smart Agriculture motor is compatible with all agriculture motors available in the market. 

high-voltage (2)
wifi (3)

Power Rating

Up to 20 Hp 


360-440 V


3 phase

IP Rating

IP 65



Flexible Control

Mobile App

Manual Switch

Switch on or off the motor with a tap on our smart motor panel app.


Power Measurement

Measure the instantaneous power consumed by your motor in our smart phone app. Measure the daily usage at the end of the day. Get notified of any unusual consumption surges. Always keep track of power consumption. 

Protection for the motor

KIOT’s smart agriculture motor panel is constantly monitoring the health status of your motor panel. You can view the up-to-date realtime heath status of your motor in the smart motor panel app. In case of emergency situations, motor stops functioning immediately and you get a notification in the mobile app. 


Dry run

Phase failure & phase reversal

Motor is healthy and working properly.


Voltage Spikes

Easy Installation

You don’t have to experience the hassle of jumbling around with many wires. The smart agriculture panel comes with a built in contactor box that provides quick and easy installation. The whole installation can be finished in under 15 minutes.

Automate your motors. Reduce your workload.

Automate your motor functions with Schedules and timers. No more hassles of staying up late or waking up early just to operate your agri motors.



Create schedules on our app to operate your motors at preset timings on any given day of the week. All at your convenience.

Auto-turnoff Timers

Conserve energy with auto turn off timers. Create auto-turn off timers to switch off your motors automatically turn off motors in case you forget to do it. 

Smart Notifications

Get critical notifications of the motor functioning in real time in the

app. For example, get a notification in the app whenever somebody switches on the motor or to  know whether the motor is functioning properly.

KIOT Smart Agriculture Solution

KIOT Smart Agriculture motor panel is now comes integrated with Smart agriculture solution, a complete IoT solution for monitoring motor control and managing farm operations. Check out how you can use your smart motor panel with our agriculture solution to optimize your farming output.